Biography - Janice Huckaby Baillie

Janice Huckaby Baillie is best known for her land and underwater scenes done in an impressionistic style, but also creates a 3-D effect with a lot of bright beautiful colors that keep people guessing if they are looking at a photograph or a painting.

Janice paints in all mediums including oil, acrylic and watercolor, as well as clay sculpting.

She spends time taking land and underwater photograph’s to achieve the best compositions used to create realism with nature scenes.

Life in Bonaire since 1991 has given her the opportunity to portray nature above and below the surface with her art.

Janice and governor

On June 4, 2021, Janice Huckaby Baillie was awarded a Royal Decoration by Governor Edson Rijna, representing the King of Holland Willem-Alexander, and became a Member of the Order of Oranje Nassau of Holland.

The Decorated Members are people chosen for doing valuable work for the community, in this case Bonaire, and are recognized for their service and contributions to the community.

Janice’s contributions were centered with art education to the children, adults and handicapped people of Bonaire, painting donations for various organizations to support nature and cultural platforms, and representing Bonaire with paintings of the island that spotlight the nature and people of the island in a positive way around the world.