Fine Art of Bonaire JanArt Gallery located at Kaya Grandi 14. You will enjoy many scenic places of Bonaire through the art displayed here.

Artist Janice Huckaby Baillie has over 1500 paintings of Bonaire. She is now presenting some of the paintings made in other countries while traveling.

Meet Neza Toplak, the new addition to the Jan Art Gallery team. Born in Slovenia, she has an undergraduate degree in Fine Art Restoration and Conservation and a postgraduate degree in Modern Painting Conservation and Restoration.

After 3 years of art gallery assistant experience, she followed her love for the ocean and relocated to Bonaire, where she now helps with all things in and behind the scenes of Jan Art Gallery.

Watercolor Paintings
- Original Watercolor paintings are available with or without framing.

Oil Paintings and Cups
– Original oil paintings are reproduced to make usable art that you can enjoy while drinking your coffee or tea.

Landscape Oil Paintings
– Here are few of the smaller oil scenic paintings of Bonaire.

Underwater Oil Paintings
- There are always new underwater oil scenes created and inspired by the great diving and snorkeling in Bonaire.

Paintings Upstairs
– The Gallery has a spacious upstairs that showcases some of the larger acrylic and oil paintings

Decorator Art
- Original paintings, and canvas or watercolor giclee’ prints are nice for decorating your home

Giclee Prints
– The Giclee prints are made with the best UV protection ink on the market and signed and numbered by the artist.

Cutting Boards
– Glass cutting boards can be purchased with your favorite art image.

– Ceramic tiles with your favorite art used for decorating or for coasters and hot plates.

Sandstone Coaster
– The sandstone coaster is a ceramic that can withstand heat or cold and provides a more absorbent surface for your beverages.

Art Supplies
– You will find large range of art supplies for the local and traveling artist, for beginners and professionals. A variety of supplies include oil, acrylic and watercolor paint, as well as craft paint for driftwood art. Many different sizes of canvas and paper are available to create your art on.

Customer Quote

This has worked out even better than we imagined. By chance we noticed that the translucent backing made the art really "explode" when we faced the back of the cutting boards toward a window with diffuse outside light. Spectacular! Rich!