“As time goes on, the nature of the world is changing. I want to create art to share the beauty that is still here now and may be gone tomorrow. Sharing the nature of this island and other beautiful places in the world are my intentions and my pleasure. I would like all people, of all ages to be able to enjoy art through what my eyes see and my hands allow me to create.“ J.Huckaby.B

The JanArt Gallery has Janice Huckaby Baillie’s original paintings for sale, giclee’ prints on canvas and fine art papers. Art printed on coffee cups, cutting boards, magnets, tiles for souvenir’s and decorating, and clay sculptures. You will find large range of art supplies for the local and traveling artist, for beginners and professionals.

Artist Janice Huckaby Baillie has made over 1400 paintings of Bonaire landscapes, people, beautiful places, underwater fish and coral scenes. She is now presenting some of the paintings made in other countries while traveling.

Larry Baillie, husband of Janice, is the Managing Director of the JanArt Gallery. Most people familiar with Bonaire, know Canadian Veteran Sgt. Larry Baillie as the founder of Larry’s Wildside Diving, now called East Coast Diving. Larry will be at the JanArt Gallery to meet you and show you around, as well tell a story or two!

On June 4, 2021, Janice Huckaby Baillie was awarded a Royal Decoration by Governor Edson Rijna, representing the King of Holland Willem-Alexander, and became a Member of the Order of Oranje Nassau of Holland.

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