Art Workshops

Art Workshops / Classes


While in Bonaire, sign up for Jan’s Art Workshops designed for traveler’s.  Workshops can be arranged for “on location” paintings as well as at the outdoor atelier at her gallery.  These 2 hour workshops are a great alternate activity for people who want to add something different to their Bonaire traveling experience.  Beginners and professional artists can all participate.    
2 hour workshop
$60 includes supplies




Outdoor Atelier Jan Art

Bonaire Atelier Club


The Bonaire Atelier Club is for artists who need set-up supplies and place to paint.  A shaded, open air garden atelier is available at the JanArt Gallery, Kaya Gloria 7.  Artist can do their own paintings at their own pace.  Supplies are available for oil, watercolor, and acrylic painters.  It is perfect for the person who doesn’t want to travel with art supplies, or set up a work studio in their home.  Paint trays are available for a small charge with all the colors you need without having to purchase all the paint tubes.  Easels, tables, accessories are provided.  Iguanas and birds sometimes model for free.  Janice Huckaby is on sight to assist in art coaching and art tips upon request.
2-3 hour  
$40 plus supplies




Kids Art Bonaire

Children’s Art


Art classes for children are designed to give your child a unique art experience with a finished souvenir to take home.  A step by step demonstration by Janice brings them to create a painting of Bonaire’s nature within one hour!   
1 hour Class
$30 includes supplies